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5 Things to Ask Your Siding Contractor

5 Things to Ask Your Siding Contractor

New siding is an important investment in your Virginia Beach area home, and your choice of contractor will be the difference between a successful project and one that leaves you disappointed in the results.

Many homeowners approach the project without knowing what to look for in a siding contractor, so we’ve put together a list of 5 things to ask a siding contractor before you sign on the dotted line.


What Types of Materials Do You Use?
Paying 20% less for subpar materials really isn’t a savings at all. You need to know that your siding contractor uses premium materials from trusted brands.


Bayview Exteriors is proud to offer top-rated products including siding from James Hardie and Alside.

Will the Work be Completed by Experienced Installers?
The quality of the workmanship is just as important as the quality of the siding. Even a small breach can lead to mold, rot, insect infestations, and other issues. Ask about the experience of the work crews, so you can have confidence the job will be done right.

Bayview Exteriors uses only skilled contractors, and every job is overseen by a project manager with extensive industry experience.

Do You Offer Warranties?
If your contractor isn’t willing to stand behind their work, you need to ask yourself why not. Discuss any available warranties with the contractor prior to signing the contract.

Bayview Exteriors protects your investment in new siding for your Virginia Beach area home with industry-leading warranties.

Are You Locally Owned?
Why should you choose a locally owned and operated home remodeling business? One reason is that you’ll be keeping the money in your community and supporting a small, local business. Another reason is that if something goes wrong, you know you’ll be able to easily get in touch with a project manager or owner rather than having to call some corporate office 500 miles away and hope someone who can help calls you back.

Bayview Exteriors is locally owned and operated and the owner is proud to be part of the Hampton Roads community!

Do You Remove All Debris at the End of the Job?
Your siding is installed, and it looks great—but your yard is covered in debris. That’s not what any homeowner wants, so ask the contractor if they remove all debris when the project is complete.

Bayview Exteriors wants to provide outstanding results and a pleasant experience from start to finish! That’s why we remove all debris and are careful to leave nothing behind.

Updating your siding adds value, style, and energy efficiency to your home—if quality products are used and the installation is completed properly. Knowing the right questions to ask ensures that you’ll get the most from your Virginia Beach siding project and enjoy the beautiful results for decades.

Let’s get started on your siding replacement! Call Bayview Exteriors today at 757.461.1300 or fill out our online contact form now schedule a free consultation.

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