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Vinyl Soffit & Exterior Trim Wrap

Vinyl Soffit & Exterior Trim Wrap

Protect your Virginia Beach or Chesapeake home with expertly installed soffit and trim from the team at Bayview Exteriors LLC.

Protect your Virginia Beach or Chesapeake home with expertly installed soffit and trim from the team at Bayview Exteriors LLC.

Soffit and trim highlight the architectural details of your home—but their job is about more than just curb appeal. Properly installed soffits protect your home from moisture damage, pest infestations, and other issues.

Bayview Exteriors, LLC is a family-owned business that has helped thousands of Virginia Beach area homeowners make important renovations. Our commitment to quality means that we only use premium products and that the work is completed by highly skilled professionals. Plus, you’ll have total peace of mind knowing our projects are covered by some of the best warranties in the business!

The Basics

What are Soffits?
A soffit covers and protects the underside of a feature of your home, such as the underside of eaves.

What is Trim?
Trim is used to wrap around windows, doors, rakes and fascia boards. PVC trim has a closed cell nature, so water cannot penetrate the product, unlike wood PVC, or Hardie Board will not swell, rot, or shed like wood painted surfaces do.

Expert Installation of Soffits and Trim

While soffit and trim can be added as part of your new siding installation, many homeowners choose to add it as a stand-alone project. Some of the benefits of soffits and trim include:

  • No Painting: Normally, you have to paint your rafters to be sure they are protected from the elements, and they must be repainted each year for maximum protection. Soffits eliminate that need by wrapping the rafters in premium vinyl that provide superior protection for decades.
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal: You’ll have your choice of colors and styles of soffit including beaded soffit, hidden vent soffit, and AT4 soffit. We also install PVC trim coil and smooth trim coil.
  • Prevent Ice Dams: It’s true that this part of the country doesn’t have to worry as much about roof dams as those in colder climates, but it’s still a problem you want to avoid when we do have frigid winters.

Proudly Serving Communities Throughout Hampton Roads

Whether you live in a Virginia Beach Oceanfront bungalow or a charming new community in Chesapeake, we have beautiful siding solutions that will complement your home’s exterior. We serve the entire Tidewater area, and we’ve built a solid reputation as the area’s trusted home remodeler.

Contact Bayview Exteriors today to learn more about our highly rated services. Give us a call today at (757) 461-1300 or click on “Get a Free Estimate” to fill out our simple online form for a no-cost consultation!

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